Houdini mount?

I just watched a tutorial on the Houdini mount… I’m a little confused does it go around your non-throw thumb then throw pointer then non-throw pointer, or non-throw thumb throw pointer then non-throw thumb again? I can do it both ways but it seems to be easier the first way.

First way is correct. I thought Andrè tells you that in the vid.

I didn’t watch one with Andre but thanks

Yeah, it’s a regular double or nothing, except the first wrap around your nonthrowhand is around your thumb instead of your index.

oops, sorry. I hope i didn’t sound mean.

do a double or nothing, but on your non throw hand, use your thumb instead of your index finger the first time it comes around from a break away, then the second time use your index finger…LOL hope this helps ;D


no no just clarifying

Houdini Mount from Gerard Amento on Vimeo.

it wraps around you non throw hand thumb the around you throw hand pointer then around your non throw hand pointer and land it on the string really its a double or nothing but the first loop around thumb

it goes non through hand thumb then through hand pointer thean non through hand pointer

Ok unless PHAZE asks another question, I’m pretty sure this topic is done.

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. Please take the time to read the previous posts overposting is annoying I got the same answer like 7 times. there is a such thing as too much help. I mastered the trick guys end of post…


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very true but I’d rather not wory about it at all…

check it
this is the right order

nonthrowhand thumb
throwhand pointer finger
nonthrowhand pointer finger

i think we just clarified that we don’t need to post here anymore. the problem has already been solved