Hot Day... and I still Wear Jeans - a trick dump and Doges Revenge, Lefties


2 vids at once? WHAAAAAAAT

Nah, But 4 reelz, The first is just a trick dump showing the Cypher off. Plays real good. Suggestions?

I found some software to flip it over and shows all of it correctly, made for lefties

Constructive Critisim?

Edit. Second link is broken I am fixing the video


Cool. Or hot, whichever you prefer.


sweet I really like the slow mo’s you put into the video it makes it epic. Nice trick dump really good looking tricks.


Thanks Stuartt! That means a lot from one of the White Brothers. I do prefer it warm

Thanks! The slo mo in this one was not as good as my last video.

Inspirations… Janos, Tylor Mccaulimore, Wilson Ni, and Ryan Gee