Hornet caps

Does anyone know if the caps on the Duncan hornets come out?

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Yes they do.

Take the yoyo apart, and push down on the half with the screw in it and it should pop out.

That’s not how the hornets work.

You’re going to have to take the axle out, remove the washer that is in the side of the half, them put the axle back in and press down on the axle.

So the hornet is double bolt regular axle?

so like… Do I have to push like really really super duper hard? I stuck a chopstick in there to do it (cuz I don’t want to strip anything) and I stopped when I felt the cap start to bend. I’m afraid to break it.

The Hornet caps are in pretty tight, so you’ll have to push hard. They won’t break, so don’t worry.

okay yay yeah I got it thanks. And thanks to the OP for this thread. Time to get a-paintin’