Horizontal throwing

Hello everyone. I have recently started to get back into horizontal throwing in 1A. I stopped for the same reason that I write to you today. Does anyone else have problems burning through silicone when playing horizontally? I have stickers and flowable, and nothing hangs in longer than about an hour of doing horizontal throws. Thanks for your help!

What yo-yo are you using? Sometimes the design of the yo-yo can affect your horizontal play. My yo-yos don’t do that.

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I’ve never noticed horizontal play having any effect on how silicone wears in. If any trick it’s regen’s that seem to wear it down the most, probably from the spin change. Quite a few times after a regen a chunk out of the silicone flies off the yoyo haha, ripped the whole pad out once or twice.

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I have ripped out a whole pad after an hour or so of using a DV888 and a Protostar. The Protostar had flowable silicone in it. I have been wanting to get into horizontal play, but I don’t want to do maintenance after a hour of throwing.

What yoyos are you guys using? I might need to try the Super G or Avant Garde. I am just afraid of causing undue damage to those two yoyos.

Iuse my genesis and never had that problem it’s perfect for horizontal

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Cool. I have a Genesis as well. Maybe I will just have to give it a shot.

I’ve never had this problem.
with your flowable, maybe it was getting old and needed replacing soon anyways?
or if it was new, maybe you didn’t clean the recess well before doing it, had some air bubbles in the silicone while you were letting it dry, or didn’t let it set long enough?

The flowable was new, perfectly set (I had been playing on it about a week, and it cured 24 hours before I started playing), and it was well done. It’s not the flowable that is the problem. I was merely explaining that I have had the issue with all types of silicone – flowable or pads. It’s reassuring to hear that no one else is tearing up silicone through horizontal play. What do you think could be the problem?

try unresponsive… then if u already are than make sure that your throws are straight,if they are not straight than your string is going to rub on the walls and cause the effect u have… also use lube, and new string when u need it… al thees things are big factors

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