Horizon yoyo demo (Its time for a story)

so, i decided to make a yoyo video. Theres a great story behind this video also.
So I live in a small town, and theres this small resturant that had a awesome yellow wall! I had just goten a blue Horizon so I thought I might as well go shoot a video with my blue yoyo and blue string on a bright yellow wall. When I got there, I was horrified to discover that the small resturant building was now for lease! They had painted the wall! I thought I should still see if it looked good so I still made a video! My final works:


any thoughts?

any thoughts?


You have some pretty good trick concepts. Once you get them down nice and smooth you’ll be doing pretty good

I don’t know what you did to make the blue of that yoyo pop out so much, but that is probably the most blue yoyo that I have ever seen. ;D

Nice video man, some great moves in there.