Saw it on http://instagram.com/p/o1Au8QHSjf/?modal=true and am wondering if anyone has a tutorial for it?


#hoopz is just a hashtag people use on IG for tricks that look like your playing basketball.

But, to answer your question, nobody can recreate his tricks.


Oh, you learn something new every day! Someone I know in real life tried to teach me a trick called hoopz or hoops (something of that nature) and said it was from a stop and go, but I never got around to learning it.


First of all, get it right. CAPSLOCK ONLY. That means:

#HOOPZ not #hoopz

#HOOPZ can be used to describe any yo-yo trick that mimics basketball concepts. This is generally comprised of dribbling, dunking, and jump shots. However, #HOOPZ may be also be used to describe any other application of sports concepts or terminology unto yo-yoing, such as a the slap shot (hockey), home run (baseball), hole-in-one (golf), and many more. Pocketwatch-style stalls are a great jumping off point for working with new #HOOPZ concepts.

There are also offshoot terms, such as #LOOPZ (used for repeaters, or really dope 2A) and #OOPZ / #BLOOPZ (used for mistakes/bloopers).


In a game of basketball, in order to score points, you must shoot hoops. In yo-yoing, on the internet, to score imaginary internet points, you must shoot #HOOPZ.

Whereas the #trickcircle hashtag has become an unfortunate cesspool of half-developed concepts and incomplete tricks, #HOOPZ are kind of like the bangers of instagram yo-yoing. These are the tricks that make you chant #HOOPZ out loud, like you might cheer for an athlete scoring points in a regular sport.


#HOOPZ is an already established hashtag, used on instagram by true ballers, sharing basketballs, hoop earrings, hula hoops, and some other stuff. By invading this hashtag with yo-yo tricks, our community can expose yoyoing to a larger audience that wouldn’t normally be seeking it out. Basketball players don’t know about yo-yos or #trickcircle, but if they see a video tagged #HOOPZ of someone dribbling and dunking a yo-yo, it might just catch their attention.


Yeah, maybe. Probably. But so what. We’re playing with yo-yos here. The only way people are going to start thinking that yo-yoing is a real sport, is if we pretend it’s actually a real sport.

Remember, this is all for the lulz. Catch the basket, shoot the frisbee, have fun, and always go for the touchdown. Your team needs you!

More #HOOPZ:



That’s actually really interesting, who would’ve known there is actually a story behind it being used in yoyoing?  That’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you imitate a hole in one?


I dunno dude, figure it out! I would start by trying to go under par, because odds are slim that you’ll make it in on the first try. Perhaps use your shoe for the hole, if you want to go Invisible Man and start using your shoes as props. However, I would forego using an actual golf club, and rather use my hands to simulate having an imaginary club in hand. For example, consider Jensen’s slap shot: http://instagram.com/p/pPSMnNQh6r/

The sky is the limit!


But the golfer just hits the ball, there is no difference between a drive that went into the rough and a hole in one visually. Also that was a snap shot.


I guess you could imitate a hole in one by swinging your hands like a golf club and landing a sort of bucket mount.


Do Jensen’s trick then land it in a bucket mount.


Personally, I think that using a shoe on the ground to simulate the hole is your best bet. That way, there is a clear and distinct hole for the yo-yo to go into, and it’s also oriented on the ground (like a putting green is traditionally a floor-based surface).

A bucket mount would be more similar to scoring a goal a la hockey, as the woven string configuration more closely resembles the hockey net.

But this is merely my opinion. Prove me wrong! Score as many points at you can! A true baller shoots all the #HOOPZ and doesn’t look back.


Wrist mount?