Hitman Pumpkin


I carved an X-ConVict pumpkin a couple years ago:

Here’s this year’s Hitman pumpkin:
I’m not expecting to win the contest here at work, but I had fun!


that is soo cool! good job man!


Sweet carving skills. Did you have a reference to look at?


Wow! I’d be lucky to carve a decent circle into a pumpkin. Really good job!


Excellent work. Thanks for taking the time to not only create that bit of artwork, but even more for documenting it and sharing it.

That was great!


Yep. This year I printed out the logo. The X-ConVict I drew from my X-ConVict yo-yo.


great pumpkins. on a side note…


Looks great man. :slight_smile:


I wish I had carving skills like that. Last time I tried to carve a pumpkin, the whole thing cracked in half…


That’s awesome!
Nice skills.


by the way nice avatar shadowz


Haha, thanks.


I made the CryEngine 2 logo in my pumpkin. It was difficult.