Hitman pro rubber gasget keeps falling out

Any ideas how to keep it in. Also, is this what is affecting spin time?

Hitman pro uses YoYoJam silicone pads.

Either get new pads, use some contact cement to secure them back in, press them back in or silicone it.

I think the Hitman uses dual o-rings that look like a gasket. The Hitman pro uses the YYJ silicone o-rings.

If it is worn down and not giving you a good bind, you can get less spin out of a throw. If it is rubbing in any way during a throw, then that could slow it down too.

During play, the rubber ring starts sliding out. Which is a better idea, purchase a new o-ring or silicone it?

well you would have to order o rings of the internet so youd have to wait for it. silicone you cn get at a hardwarestore. flowable also plays a little differentl. id silicone it(find a video tutorial on youtube or something) and see if you like it. its super cheap so if you decide you dont like how it plays you could still order the pads

Actually, the silicone you want to get is at an auto parts store and is rather commonly available. It’s the same stuff you can order from here if you so desire.


i usually get mine at ace. most harware stores will have it in an auto section with the headlights and oila nd whatnot, although considering they will also have a bunch of silicone that isnt it, until you know what your buying an autoparts stor is probably easier

I want to definitely have unresponsive play. If I silicone or, will it give unresponsive and long spin times?

it sure will

Before you do anything, check to see if the paper liner is still on covering the adhesive on the back side. If so, remove it and stick it down. This is known to occur on YYJ yoyos from time to time. Otherwise as noted above a bit of contact cement will work wonders.

Just a note - applying silicone will not make it any less responsive than the sili o-rings it came with. If you want it more unresponsive, clean the bearing more.