History of the peak

Every time I try to read the post it is not loading. Does anyone have it on file? I would love to read it.


Are you talkin about the one on YYN?


Direct links to threads on YYN don’t work for some reason.

Just go to the forum and click through the forums to get to the Peak thread, it loads no problem that way.

…and then on pg. 8 of that thread, “The Complete History of the CLYW Peak”, kyo posts a link to a downloadable zip file of the thread. Grab it just to be safe. :slight_smile:

Thank you :).


billy bob’s bait and tackle

Don’t be a worry wart, YYN no longer has a store attached to it.

Can’t someone copy on paste the history of the peak to yoyo expert. Because yoyoexpert
much more used than yoyonation

Wow, I look so very young…and short. :wink:


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You’re still young and short in my book, Paul :wink:

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