Anyone have the "Complete History of the CLYW Peak" Thread downloaded?

I am often finding I need to refer to this thread alot, but since that other place is down (agaaiinn), I can’t access it. I thought I downloaded it, but I guess not. Does anyone have it downloaded? If you do, could you PM me with your email or something? I would really like to have it.

I’ll see if I can find that thread if that forum is still limping along and then make a PDF and a WORD file for it.

The forum is down. That’s why I’m asking if anyone downloaded it (the pdf version) and they’d be willing to send it to me.

They made a PDF version of it availible.

Funny. even though it’s down, i just google’d, “the complete history of the clyw peak” and clicked it. Worked for me… try it! :slight_smile:

Google may serve you a cached copy even when that forum is down; or you can try the Way Back Machine to see if you can find it.

Site’s up atm, I can’t see a pdf version being offered up tho’.


With my internet being so badly crippled, I did manage to snag the Complete History of the Peak.

I’ll be doing some minor processing of it. I only took the first post from the thread.

Also, the “Let Me Google That For You” took over 90 minutes to NOT load. Yes, that’s how bad my internet connection is these days. I’ve already lost a job because I can’t move the data into my network fast enough now.

so I’m still a bit confused is the attached pic an OG peak? I keep seeing references to levi painted peaks and I thought this was painted by levi. So I’m confused.
If this is an OG peak then there are 3 mint ones.

I got it now that the site is back up. Thanks though.

Yes, that is an OG Levi Painted Peak