Highspeed: Rewrap GT

Dig it?

It’s been dug.

Has it been learned?

Well, it has definitely been dug, but not learned. I learned flip flop GT yesterday and I love it, but I couldn’t manage to get this one.

Glad your working on. I actually thought of flip flop GT after creating this GT. As you can see
They are very similar.

Dug it all the way to China. Well… Almost. Can’t get the suicide. Ugh.

Awesome you got the tricky part down. Sounds like you need some hamstring for the suicide :wink:

Does hamstring really help to keep proper string tension or something? Forgive me if I’m having a noob moment, I’ve never tried hamstring.

I think it holds it loop a lot better than highlights and last longer.

It is some personal preference but It definitely last longer.