highlight project


what forum is it in,and is there any date it could end?


I believe it was Xdohl who started it at YYN, and it doesnt end, unless you want it to.


cool,thanks!but what thread do I post in,bst?


Uh…yeah. Wait, do you know what the highlight project is?


basicly,you trade strings for yoyos and stuff like that,there is also this vid

(Chris Allen) #6

I don’t think that this is a viable thing to do again. It happened once, many people have attempted again.


so it probably wouldnt work


Yeah, it probably won’t.

(J. Lev) #9

Unless you have magical trading powers like myself, it is doubtful.

Anyone want a pink free rider?

(Chris Allen) #10

I’ll give you a Highlight for it


Maybe I will try that lol. :wink: