Higher end YYfs

Paypal / Venmo only. You cover related fees if you choose to go paypal. All prices are shipped with available tracking. Willing to bundle shipping if you buy mutiples. Feel free to negotiate. All offeres considered

  1. Yoyofactory Singularity, no marks that i can see. 8.5 typical facory vibe. Minimal. NmTbs $50

  2. 2016 bimetal superstar (grey) little scuff that doesnt affect play minimal vibe. $35

  3. 2016 bimetal superstar (blue) tiny anno mark. Very smooth $45 SOLD

4.Space Cowboy (gold) no vibe. 1 tiny scuff. Doesnt affect play $60

  1. Space cowboy (blue) 7/ 10 vibe a few, (5 ish) scuffs

  2. OG cyborg.mint. no marks of any kind. Vibrant colors too $75

  3. basecamp navigator.a few dings but 8/10 vibe. $55

  4. RED /GOLD Edge Beyond Mint. Smooth. 95 (SOLD)

  5. Bimetal shutter NMTBS 80, no dings smooth

  6. BLUE/PINK Edge beyond Mint smooth $95

  7. EDGE blue/silver fade w blue rims, smooth, mint. $65 Pending

Feel free to ask for extra pictures. Will be more then happy to send them.


Any interest is trades?

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No, buys only. Thank you for your interest.

I do take cashapp as well, please offer. Worst i say is no. Thank you!

Bump. Dont hesitiate to offer!

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