Higby and Takeshi Zeros, SPYY Radian, Dif GTO {Prices Lowered!}


All prices include shipping. Trades will be considered.

GTO comes with Konkave and 2 sets of weight rings. One is the original blue set and weights 4.7 grams each, the other set is black and weights in at 3.7 grams each. This is the original GTO, not GTO-F. Perfect condition. $50

SPYY Radian MK2 number 66. Two small scuffs on ano (see photo), these are not scratches and do not affect play. Comes with 2 sets of shims/spacers and EZO bearing. $60

Higby Zero is part of a run of 1000 I believe, this is number 252. Perfect condition. $30

Takeshi Zero is part of a very small run (I believe it was 30-50 pieces) released on opening day of an online yoyo store. Takeshi recessed the response on one side. Perfect condition. $35



Bump. Takeshi Zero and Dif GTO still for sale.

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