For Sale - Blue BAPE, Cygnus, FHZ's, HM, etc

I need some spare cash so I need to move what’s left in this thread. Prices arent set in stone, so make an offer if you see something you like.



I’ll try to go through these from left to right in as straight of a line as possible.

1 - Metäl - SOLD!!

2 - Red FHZ, Dave’s caps - Sticker recessed - $30

3 - MIP ES Bionic FHZ - SOLD!!!

4 - MIP Dave’s Skilltoys Zero - $20

5 - painted Black FHZ, Duncan Crew (For The Ladies) caps, recessed Shinwoo pads - I did this one for myself. Wanted to test some mods out so I decided to do several things on the same yoyo. First off, one of the caps had a hole near the center so I “fixed” it with black silicone. Definitely noticeable. Secondly, one of the halfs was a freebie that someone gave me with a botched recess. I rebuilt the outside of where the sticker is with epoxy and recessed with those little pads that come in Shinwoo’s. Then I painted it. The paint is textured so it has a blasted feel to it. It’s a Frankenstein of sorts and a cool little one off mod. Definitely feels and plays different than any other Zero I’ve had or modded. When I take this to contests, people tend to throw it a lot. anyways, I’m not really sure what to put this at so we’ll say $30.

6 - Chunky Monkey - SOLD!!!

7 - Kyo’s 2005 Worlds Metal Freehand - no this is not a metal Zero. This is the good one that Kyo made in '05. It originally had metal caps in it with the Worlds logo on one side, but I cut them out, put a little plastic red ring on it for looks, added rubber weight rings to compensate for the loss of caps, and sticker recessed both halfs flush. Super fun yoyo. $70

8 - Black MG - SOLD!!!

9 - Hyper Wheel mod - not sure who did this, nor am I sure if it’s old stock or new stock. It has not been recessed and currently has a PYCF sticker in it. I could put a recess in it if you so desire. Someone help me figure out who did this and if it’s an old or new Wheel so I can figure out how much to ask for it.

10 - FHZ of POWER! - SOLD!!!

11 - Bionic FHZ, white caps - SOLD!!!

12 - Viking FHZ - SOLD!!!

13 - MIP YYN Enyo FHZ - SOLD!!!

14 - Blue HFH - SOLD!!!

Picture number 2!!!

15 - medium blue (sparkle-ish) HHM - in good shape, has a cracked nipple, nothing major. Still has plenty of life left in it. $25

16 - white HM - KEPT!!!

17 - Black ESP 401k, 2nd edition - Better pic can be seen here.I bought this and the outsides had been stripped of the original coating. So I repainted it with that textured paint like the black FHZ above. The only way you can tell this apart from the original coating is if you had a stock one to compare it to. As for where the coating in the hub is still intact and where it meets what I painted, you cant tell where one ends and the next begins. Has silicone recessed shuttles that I modded for it. Looks like yet another 401k will slip away from me. $80 - SOLD!!!

18 - Cygnus - raw so it’s a little tarnished, has a blasted feel to it. Silicone recessed. No dings that I can remember but it does have a couple of smudges in the finish from rubbing up against something at some point. $75

19 - B-grade '07 eight8eight - SOLD!!!

20 - Skyline - SOLD!!!

Blue Bapezilla - Has some scuffs but nothing too awfully major. Definitely nothing that hinders play, and it plays awesomely just like a Bape should. Not sure what the market is on these anymore, so make me a cash offer. NO TRADES ON THIS ONE!!!

That’s the stuff I found on the first pass through my office. I’m sure I overlooked some things or forgot where some stuff was at, so for now this is it. My prices arent set in stone but I’m not really here to barter or cut deals. All of these yoyo’s are special to me for one reason or another and I wouldnt be selling them if I didnt absolutely HAVE to have the money. I priced them at what I thought was fair (although I’m not as well read in the BST forums to see what stuff is selling at these days). If you think I’m asking way too much for something or maybe not enough, please tell me.

And again…


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how much roughly would u want for the bapezilla

Like I said, I dont know what the market is for them. Just make an offer. I open for anything.

Bape is still available.

True that.