Hidden penguin


Hey I found the penguin thing on the gnarwahl add um how do I win my chief. Please explain!


congrats! first off its a puffin, and i believe you need to email chris at info@clyw.ca


well first you send it to me… :stuck_out_tongue:
it should have come with instructions on how to get it.


Congrats dude!

In the box there should be instructions on how to get your free chieif!



Ya there is a little paper he said.


What color was it on?


No pic, No proof!


Pretty sure this guy was faking it… i mean if you opened the box to get the gnarwhal, you had to have noticed the piece of paper inside it… and if you didnt, after seeing your puffin, you should have known enough to go back and check.

anyways i got my gnarwhal in the mail today and no puffin. I talk to andre quite often and he says that hes pretty sure its out in the wild already. I really wished the person who got it would post pictures. It would be nice to know an active member of the community got it ya know?