chief not on yoyoexpert?


Hey today when i viewed the clew page there was no chief there and if i click on it it sends me straight to the store front. Any ideas?


New run is my guess.


yea just waiting for the 9th run.

(laxdude99) #4

new run, they did the same with the avalanche then put up the countdown clock a few days later


maybe someday i might get a chief. the look and shape of it are really enticing.


yeah they were talking about the new run on their blog a couple days ago. But now they have been doing some things with the gnarwhal


Wednesday release - countdown coming Monday. And something else FUN too! :wink:


Andre, you sure know how to build suspense… i want to know what the FUN thing will be!


… Puffin?

(SR) #10

This is the ninth run, correct?

Also I hope “something else fun” refers to the gnarwal or chief!

(SR) #11


I’ll get a chief some other time. no more throws for me for a little while.

(CaribouNick) #13

Gnarwhals will be released first, as far as Chris seemed to lay it out.
Puffins still need the new artwork.

New colors of the Gnarwhal have been revealed. I’ve only seen around 4 for the Puffins.


On the CLYW blog page, there was a new post about the Gnarwhal and it was titled “October”, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Gnar just yet. I’m dying for a Puffin. A wednesday release would be a dream. :-\