No puffin for me :(


I just got my mint colored gnarwhal. I did not have the palli puffin. Has anyone found the little fellow yet?


I think someone ade a threasd about how to collect his/her prize yesterday. Of course they might have been lying and not gotten it but I doubt it.


The thread that person created yesterday… the person just found the puffin on the website. They didn’t actually buy a gnarwhal.

Only engraved Gnarwhals would have the puffin. The mint wasn’t engraved, so we already knew it wasn’t gonig to be on that one.


I think he said all of them could be except for special editions. Nothing about engraved or not.


Seeing that the puffin is engraved on the yoyo, I highly doubt the would engrave it on an unengraved yoyo.


the mint colored gnarwahl is engraved look closely the gnarlwahl is blaintly seen in the picture