Hey! Have you seen this Video by The "Suicides"?

  • New song

  • Unlimited Suicides! :smiley:

I don’t think he’ll win, but he will place pretty high.

Yeah, I really think so Pheenix. John Ando, Yuuki Spencer & Hiroyuki Suzuki will really join right?

I think there maybe such a thing as too many suicides. :stuck_out_tongue:

We all know that Luo Yi Cheng plays with a LOT of suicides. It’s his signature. But as we saw last year, his whole freestyle (not just the suicides) was a bit repetitive. It’ll be fun seeing him at worlds.

Addment: His hair looks cooler now as well.

Whoa! Uber Suicide Spammage! lol.

Thank GOD he got rid of his terrible 70’s-glam-rock-I-almost-look-like-a-female-hair. He is an awesome player, despite whatever hairdo he favors at the time. It also seems that he has also replaced his L3 along with his hair. I really hope he can reach higher than 4th place this year. By the way, I really wonder what kind of string he is using…

I think it’s more skill than string. He does adjust his tension sometimes.

Incredible speed in that second video…