So my jeep has a history of over heating, the coolant reservoir has always been full. Today it over heated on a highway, i lost all control of power steering and braking. So I pulled over, I thought it would just cool down and be ok. After about 2 hours of waiting it would start but the rpm’s would drop way down, like its idling lower than its suppose to. I put it in drive and all power is lost. radiator fluid came out of the radiator and the reservoir. does anyone know why it would start up? Did I mess up the gasket and warp the head? :frowning: :’(

Wow man. Not too sure. I also own a Jeep and have replaced the Alternator recently. Sounds almost like a thermostat issue that I had with a car years ago. Have you had it looked at?

Overheated, lost fluid, starts, no power…
Sounds like a blown head gasket, or cracked/warped head.

Do you see white smoke coming out the exhaust pipe?
That’s a sure sign of a major problem.

I didnt blow a gasket but it was indeed the thermostat.