Help with Yuuki Slack

I didn’t learn quite a few tricks here when I was going through and learning tricks. And Yuuki Slack is one among others I just didnt learn. It looks really easy compared to some of my other tricks so I’m like what the heck. We’re learning this.

I got the first part down a-ok, that’s simple. Now it’s just that stupid motion. I’ve watched way to many tutorials way to many times but yet I still cannot get that. It just goes around all retarded then binds. And I’ve seen people whip it around differently by using different fingers.

I don’t like asking for help with tricks because as long as I’ve been yoyoing, I should be able to get them and I usually do the helping it’s just that this frustrates me.

What do you mean when you say ‘goes around retarded and binds’? Is it making any rotations? Or what?

This trick I can do but in slow reps. I’m working on getting it fast and fluent.I think I know what your talking about when you say it binds up. After you do the first slack loop from trapeze you then go into to hop over your none throw index and into the mount you pinch and spin and it binds up. All I did to correct that was when you move into the mount and pinch as soon as you start to spin move your throw hand in closer to the none throw hand. This should allow enough slack to avoid the binding. This may or may not help but hope it does.