help with picking new yoyo

just pick the one you think plays the best for 1A.

It all depends on preference…

I can’t find the list of questions >:(

This comes down to shape. They are all pretty much the same size and weight. You just need to find out what shape you like best.

Hectic. Very nice colors available :wink:

Please, answer the following questions so we can fit your preferences.

  1. What size do you prefer? (Big, small, medium, etc)
  2. What shape do you prefer? (Be specific: Round Butterfly, Flat Rims, pointy shape, H-Shape)
  3. What response do you prefer? (Silicone, O-Ring, Hybrid, Pad, etc)
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
  5. Does color matter?
  6. How does your style relate to the yoyo? (What kind of tricks do you like to do?)
  7. What is your price range?
  8. What is your skill level?

Also, I would not recommend the Mighty Flea for a main player because it is about the size of a quarter and it will be slightly hard for you to land on the string. However, you will get really good at landing on the string if you do use it alot.

i’m leaning toward the hectic i do like the colors and the shape.

by the way i’m an advanced player