Help with Performance/Presentation for Elementary School.

I’m doing a presentation on yo-yos for an elementary school next weekend. Does anyone have any advice?

List of tricks you want to do:
Braintwister Combos
Eli Hops (Circular of necessary)
Leg Wrap Trap
Behind the Back Combos (Or any other body trick)
Follow Combos (Make a lot of variations)
And you know the boomerang in the shoulder thing that John Ando or Yuuki Spencer does? Yeah, that really impresses them.

If you can, try to do offstring. ;D

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Basically, go to and follow the sequence of the various topics, adding your own information as you go along.
For example,
1st slide) History
2nd slide) Contemporary yoyo culture

Do some BT Combos, Seasick, Matrix, Budda’s Revenge, Black Hops, Boingy Boing, Eli Hops Rolls, Double Suicide, Spirit Bomb, Brent Stole, Skin the Gerbil, Grinding across the arm, and Whips.
(Mostly) Easy tricks, that are VERY flashy. Oh, yeah. Don’t forget McBrides Roller Coaster!

I have done many many many of these demos at schools. We would always start with the history of the yoyo. Then we would get into the science of it, at the time the yomega brain was the big thing so we would explain the centrifugal clutch. Raffle off a cheap yoyo in the middle of it and bring them down and show them how to cut the string and throw a sleeper. Explain to them that anyone can yoyo with practice no matter how small or big you are , your able to become a pro you just have to be willing to put in the time. if you need any help just hit me up.

Just make sure you are relaxed and having fun with it. Make frequent eye contact and show everyone how easy it is to yoyo. Show some basics, then some more advanced stuff. But facial expression and tone of voice are key to performing for any group. Make sure you put emotion into everything.

Also, have a stock of Duncan Butterflies to auction/sell/place in a raffle/give away.
It would be neat to have some people come up, and you would teach them a trick (simple, like Walk the Dog), and…
To smile!
:smiley: <-- Like this!

Oh, and be prepared to do a simple trick one hundred times in a row due to request! :stuck_out_tongue:

DOn’t go out and make tricks up on the spot, prepare a routine, maybe even along with some scene play/act/dance/whatever

make it so it’s entertaining for people who watch

if you can, film your routine while working on it, so you’ll be able to see how it looks and correct all the “little things”

black hops
fast combo
bright string
and eli hops
and may be some 5a or ofstring