Help with Insubbordinate Yoyo

I got the new “Regen” thingy in this year’s mystery box, and it’s misbehaving. It used to play great, but the other day I threw it and it only slept for less than 10 seconds and spun out. I can’t get it to sleep for more than a few seconds anymore. I tried replacing the string with one from another yoyo, but the result was the same.

I’m new to all this. What do I do to get my good little yoyo back? Thanks!

Research on how to clean yoyo bearing, that’s probably it.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. How quickly do these things get dirty and need a cleaning? I haven’t had it for very long (came in this year’s mystery box) and I’ve been using the Northstar that came in the box a lot more than this one

IF not the bearing, then replace the response pads.

I would lube it first. Mine did that and then I lubed it and its all good now

That did the trick! Thanks for the advice, both of you

Actually, it’s better to clean first and then lube. Just adding lube might make it spin again, but whatever clogged up your bearing in the first place is still in there. Definitely look up how to properly clean bearings, and just follow the steps. And by lube, I mean like a sewing needle point sized amount, not even a whole drop. A whole drop can make your bearing unnecessarily responsive.

I second the cleaning the bearings first, so it doesn’t get more clogged (fixed temporarily then comes back sooner)

But there IS a difference between the bearing becoming stuck and the bearing just getting messed up. But I do see your point.