Help with hold on Double-on-Trapeze Release(5A trick)

So I got the trick. But I’m having a hard time catching the dice. If you study the tutorial closely, he’s catching it with his palm up.
But he holds the counter weight with his palm down and his pinkie as the closest finger near the counterweight. Sorry if this is confusing…
When he catches it palm up, the closest finger to the counterweight is the thumb/pointer.
Can someone help me adjust my catch on this? ???

what he also suggest is that you just catch the string and have the dice slide back to your hand.
so basically have the dice go past you hand. it’s easier to hit the string than the dice spot on.

Nevermind I figured.
And I just practiced pinwheel but missed the die and it went flying and hit the little cabinets on the floor and got big scrapes ._.