help on wrist whip


i try to do it but it never works :-\ can some help me out? ???


Don’t actually twist or turn your hand, just move your hand in a clockwise circle.

Pop the yoyo into the air, then move your hand in a clockwise circle. Don’t twist your hand or anything. You will see a loop form. Once you master this action, aim it at the yoyo. It is hard to master, but it’s worth it! ;D

Don’t Give Up.


Oh. Once you have it, don’t drop the loop in. It will make a knot if it catches. Its really easy.


I move my hand counter clockwise.


I move my hand down.


Ya,move your hands in a clockwise motion.

Also,there was no reason to make a poll.


does any body know how to make a poll? I cant figure it out. :-\


Well on the top of the page there is the “start new topic” button, next to it a “start new poll” button, click on that. It will have the poll options so you can tipe in the options on the poll, how much time the poll will run for, etc…


Fixed =)
Back on topic, move your hand in a clockwise motion (if you are right handed) and the string will go over your wrist and you will see a loop there.


how do you modify the whip?


Move your whole hand around the whole yoyo before wrist whipping. Don’t just go half way around the yoyo, go a full circle around it.