Help my Goldfish!


Hey guys, so I just recently got 3 goldfish. They were doing fine, eating everyday etc… I keep them in a 10 gal. tank with a small heater and a filter. I noticed that every time I feed the fish, one of them goes up and tries to eat the food but seems to miss, or is unable to get the food in it’s mouth. What do I do?
I don’t want it die or anything! ???


Are the others eating? If not, you could be over feeding. If it’s only one fish, then it could be sick. Sometimes it takes a fish a few days to adjust to a new aquarium. If it is sick you may want to consider medication or quarantine. Ask back at where you got the fish for other ideas. I haven’t had fish for a decade or more but this is what I remember. Good luck!



I do not know help you, I have never had fish :-, but I advise you to ask a pet store or rather to a veterinarian … and do it quickly.

Good luck at your fish!


I personally would recommend looking up a fish/ aquatic forum and asking or searching around on the internet. Someone else is bound to have had the same problem and question.


UPDATE: Fish died, has been sitting on the bottom, next thing I know it’s floating on the top. I think it died from starvation as it wan’t able to eat for quite some time. I suspect it was sick from when I bought it. Bringing it to petsmart to see what happened. :’(
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I am grieved :-[

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make sure to bring a water sample from the tank. They’ll test it for you and see what’s what.