Help me name these tricks! :)

Hey guys, I have two tricks I need a hand naming, the first one is a very technical trick I made up for use in freestyles, the second one, a repeater, I accidentally came up with today when messing around with whips and follow combos. If you have any thoughts for trick names just leave them as a reply, I’ll pick the ones I like the best and change the video names to them. :slight_smile:


Technical Trick:

Repeater Trick:

How about SpaceBalls for the tech trick and Magician’s Hat for the repeater?

The second one feels like ‘ferris wheel’
Call the first one ‘asylum escape’, because that trick is crazy

First one the big bang

the first one the cyborg and the other one shot caller repeat

Tickle a Monkey for the first one
Twist my Finger for the second :wink:

Buddha’s reincarnation
Steel whips


Sorry I Didn’t mean to say that I though I was replying to a text

Not sure about the second one but the first should be called “that one technical trick”

The second one should be called fluidity because its really smooth.

Techincal: Thaumaturge
Repeater: Jedi Mind Tricks

second “fly whip rep”