help me make history people!


i saw this on the yo and thought that i could bring it to yye
its all based off of this
anyway im putting this up for the first thing a homemade heavy counterweight shown at “3:12”

(please dont watch the rest of the movie because it is quite emabarassing :-[it being my first and all)this is a couple of grams heavier than a duncan die counterweight and would work well for a legacy or a metal rimmed yoyo
(hope this works :))


this would be trading right the idea is to trade sumthin for sumthin else then sumthin else until there is sumthin real good to trade main word TRADE bs"t"

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Good luck! This has been done a before, I think Xdohls took a highlight and ended with a Speed Dial.


Are you talking about Highlight Project?


yah i think thats what he called it


Yeah, it would be cool if we could do that here on YYE.
I don’t know the details about but…


Faily basic…

It might be harder because of less people but hey, we can try.

I would totally take the Kickside, looks nice.


really thanks

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