Help me identify this vintage yoyo


I found a half a dozen vintage yoyo´s at a thrift store i sweden, mint in box. I need help identifying who made them and if they are worth anything? Any information is appreciated!

You know, this is interesting. I looked the Glo-Go up in Lucky and, not surprisingly, it wasn’t listed under light-up or foreign yo-yos, but he did have a listing for an Eleyo with a patent number 375471 (I note the Glo-Go has U.S. patent pending; does it say it is made in Hong Kong?), and Lucky estimated back in 1999 that the Eleyo would go for $22US packaged. Of course, Lucky’s book was published at the height of the '90s yo-yo boom, so the valuation may be on the high side, but since these are MIP and in the display box, it’s probably worth hanging on to them for awhile. In a similar vein, I’ve always wondered why Goody yo-yos were so popular with collectors, but there you are.

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