Help me find this please

I am looking for the illest/yyf yoyo please let me know if you guys have one and If your willing to sell it thanks :slight_smile:


Avant Garde:,40235.msg387024.html#msg387024


I’m going to assume you’re referring to the “H.O.T” by YYF , since Ann Connolly was wearing the “illest” sweater and hat in the video she used it in!

PS: her signature yoyo is the “Whip”

Now, if you’re referring to the best YYF yoyo then well, Protostar is definitely a choice ! Along with Genesis, Severe and H.O.T

I assumed he meant the Illest x YYF collab, of which there was a Protostar and AG2 which i linked. Get back in here OP and tell us what you meant!

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thankypu for finding me the links :slight_smile: