Help me about this yoyo

Im interested in this yoyo. But the seller is asking too much.

What is a fair price for this yoyo?

$50 to $60.


Don’t buy it. It is a very good yoyo from long ago. Still a good yo-yo today.

But there are better yo-yos for the amount the seller is probably asking.

If you are a collector and want a dark magic then then OK. But if you were a player and you want your moneys worth, it would be a better idea to contact yoYoExpert directly and ask them what they would suggest as an alternative in the price range?

The owner of YoYoExpert, Andre Boulay would know more about this subject did anybody else within our solar system. Andre or Garrett can probably make some pretty reasonable suggestions on what else you could buy from their store as opposed to getting the dark magic that’s already used it will eventually crack and you can trust me on that.

Don’t say I never gave you any good advice. And you can trust me on that too.


Thank you mate. I appreciate the time u put into writing this.

I know the history behind the dark magic and andre.

I am a long time player. But took a break since 2014.

Now im back as a collector. Looking for classics or yoyos i couldn’t afford at the time.

Regarding the dark magic. I know its original price. I know what it’s capable of. But i just want it for the collection since i have 2 dark magic 2’s but never the og.

The one i sent you the picture up there. Is pretty clean and mint as the seller showed.

No cracks in the plastic (which is common in this model).

The asking price was ridiculous of 215$. Tried to wiggle the seller here and there to get it as low as 60 but he refused and we kept on arguing until we reached 170$

And im sad to say. I pulled the trigger.
I need the yoyo in my collection


If you can cancel your transaction I’ll sell you a dark magician for 60. I would post a BST thread on YYE if you are ever looking for something.


This is my collection at the moment

And these are my dark magics


Can i have pictures?

Scratch that is looks like mine is starting to develop cracks on the nipples for both sides. @Yalsharqi

I sent u. A dm

Waaaaay too much!

No Vaseline………

Don’t do it.

Seriously, that is highway robbery, lol…

Just tell the guy your three year old needs a new iPhone


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i know.

But u know. When u want something and there arent any other option.

I know its a bad decision. But i did it


@Yalsharqi i spent 180 bucks on a fingerboard once. Don’t feel bad.


As in… a tech deck? or for a guitar?

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Spoken like a true yo-yo guy. Good luck on your collection adventures, I have been wright where you are… I am sure most of us have.
I hope the Dark Magic you have coming is everything you want it to be in your collection.

Everyone have a great rest of your week.

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Thank you mate. :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Its one of the things I really wanted for a long time.

Im looking to get a trans red mint dark magic 2 also.

This seams pretty hard to find in a mint condition

No, no, no.

What you neeeeeeed in your Dark Magic collection is a carbon fibre version. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Which, apparently, has just shot up in value :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember watching this on ebay I guess. Is it that one ?

Yoyo inflation!

Shutters are now $600.

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Apparently I bought this from FleaBay back in 2008.