Help identifying this colorway

CLYW Avalanche.

I can’t find a single photo identifying this color. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you

Pretty! Wish I could help :-/

It doesn’t have the 3 colors, only 2. I tried different lighting to try and help show the colors best

No clue, but I want it! Is it for trade by chance? :grin:

Pete the Purple Squirrel Avalanche. One of the very last runs of the Avalanche. Maybe the last (?) but now it’s retired. The ano from this run was super splotchy splashes, not like their older stuff. I loved this colorway, though. Two of my favorite colors.

Here’s proof I’m right :wink:

You are the yoyo master my friend. Thank you. That was the info sheet I was looking for.

No problem. Glad to be of assistance!

Did you get that from ohdavidbowie? If so, that was mine at one point :wink: Pete the purple squirrel is still one of my favorite color ways but I didn’t really need 2 avalanches :slight_smile: super great yoyo! I hope you enjoy it!

He totally did, haha. He was just asking me where I got it, too

Nice :wink: I got it from dust and I believe he got it from Zorro.

What ever. Why do I have the “Shark vs zombie beaver” box, guys

Check your boxes when your trading

It’s beautiful. I just knew that wasn’t the matching box

Wait, it says that on there? Ha, didn’t even know it did. When dust and I traded we decided to keep our boxes to skip damaging them while shipping. I assumed they were the same :wink:

Right on. Thank you for that info. It’s nice knowing the history of it. Any chance of us trading boxes? Or does invaderdust have it?

Dust would have it still I believe.

I pm’d invaderdust, we are trading boxes. thanx for the info

No problem :slight_smile: