Help! Identifying the name of a wrist mount Trick / for N12 Tutorial Video


I’m trying to ID the common name for a trick.

The following is a over head of view of the trick on YouTube . Then I have a few quick side shots of the same trick on a JTV N12 Tutorial Promo .

If anyone knows the name, please post. I’m working on a multicam tutorial for the trick using the new MagicYoYo N12 Shark. I had a friend mention it looks like ADD or ADDHD which came out in early 2000 but wasn’t postive about the trick name.

Thanks for any help!

- Luke Renner


That does look like the trick ADHD by Alex Berenguel. There is some info floating around on the web referencing it, but I can’t find any video that is still up to confirm it’s the exact same. ADHD is a wrist mount ping pong trick, though.



Thanks for the trick information. I’ve been holding off on posting the tutorial until tracking down the correct trick name. It’s great to also have trick creator’s name to include in the description. I wasn’t having any luck surfing the web using “ADHD Yo-yo Trick”. The only sites that came up dealt with symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment information.