Help identifying string

So I recently bought four different 10 packs of string, Sochi normal, Sochi fat, Alphaline and Phoenix (all in yellow) from an EU store to give them each a try and compare them. The problem is that they all arrived loose in the box without any packaging so I’m struggling to figure out which is which.

I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out which are the Sochi normal/fat ones since they’re yellow with no highlights and there’s the obvious thickness difference between the two.

For the remaining two, I’m not sure. They both have white highlights and the only difference I can see visually is that one is longer than the other (the two regular Sochi strings plus one of the highlighters measure approx 130cm while the remaining string measures approx 140cm). Is the phoenix string known to be a bit longer than regular variants? I’ll stick some photos below.

From left to right my assumed string type is:

  1. Sochi normal
  2. Sochi fat
  3. Alphaline (?, 130cm length)
  4. Phoenix (?, 140cm length).
Other pictures for comparison

Sochi normal

Sochi fat

Alphaline maybe?

Phoenix maybe?

Another comparison image with all 4

Any help would be appreciated.


Haha, GL. You’ll probably need some close up shots if anybody can help.

This is the very reason I went exclusively kitty normal across the board. I gave up trying to keep them straight. I take that back, I’ve got some Bad Wolf nylon that is obvious. :slight_smile:

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if I remember correctly phoenix string has a white nylon strand, the nylon thread looks like a bit fuzzy at the end of the knot when you take a look at it

while alphaline has a white poly strand at the end of the knot


I did the same from the same store probably. It is not as hard as you would think to tell them apart. Phoenix is fatter than alphaline. When playing you will see that phoenix is considerably more durable.

While ordering I also picked 10 pink alphalines so I could tell which was which immediately by comparing their length to the pink ones.

Description of phoenix by sochi:
This string has a longer overall length for suitable for tricks using the body.
also easier stabilization of laceration and whip rings.

Description of alphaline by zipline:

LENGTH: 51-52" unstretched OR 55" stretched.

You will have to convert inches to cm though.

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if that’s true, then i think the third one in the last photo has to be alphaline and the fourth one phoenix since the white looks way more fuzzy


Thanks for the help guys, the fourth string’s white highlight does look a bit fuzzier. So with that plus the confirmation re: the length, it seems the 3rd string was alphaline while the 4th was phoenix after all.

Now to focus on figuring out which one I prefer the play of :smile: