so I bought my Draupnir. And it came. And I played it for 2 hours, and the bearing was acing funny, and I tried all the methods and after another hour- still responsive. So I’m gonna put a new bearing in it. But I can’t get the stock one out and I do t have a tool, what should I use???

A pair of pliers, a bearing removal tool, or even a drill bit will work to get if out. Then clean the bearing real good (search the forums for how to properly clean a bearing), and you’ll be good to go. :wink:

Good luck!

So you bought a draupnir, but didnt buy a removal tool?


Do you have the YYF Multitool?

I… Just…

Bro, do you even multitool?

Sorry. I just don’t understand why people don’t buy at least one of them to have on hand. They’re only like $3.50. If you have the money to buy a Draupnir, there is no excuse to not have at least one YYF multitool. Everybody should have a multitool, even if their most expensive throw is a YYJ classic.

You can try all the other suggestions you want… 1/4" drill bit, pliers with something to protect the bearing etc… But at the soonest convenience, just do yourself a favor and pick up a multitool.

I’d even go as far to suggest setting your Draupnir aside and don’t even try to remove the bearing until you have the multitool. The drill bit will work in a pinch, but pliers are just too prone to damaging the bearing or throw itself.

Quite frankly, I’m curious about “all the methods” you tried since most things I’m aware to work on a responsive bearing require removing it in the first place.

A 1/4" drill bit (butt end) will work just fine. It’s the same as a YYF multi-tool for your purposes.