I am new to the yoyoexpert forum and just want to say hi!


Welcome to the forums. You should introduce yourself at the “Introduce Yourself” section. ;D Hope you enjoy this place and everyone else that is here. :wink:

Welcome to the YoYoExpert Forums, DiscipleforChrist!

We hope you like it here, as the nice members too!

You should post this in the Introduce Yourself! post at the top of this section.

Anyways - welcome! :slight_smile:

Whoops, sorry about that!
But, nice to meet you all!

It’s okay! :wink:

Ha Ha, im pretty new here too.

newbie buddies =)

(err… at least to the forum. not to yoyoing =P)

Hey man welcome!
Nice to have you here!


Nice to meet you!
I hope you like the forums here.