Hello people

Hi there, I am Malcolm Chiu from Singapore. nice to meet you all. I am active in making videos. might consider making more tutorials soon.

I would like to share my latest video with you guys. and I would like to thank all for supporting by subscribing to my YouTube account, thank you!


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Hello Malcolm!
Nice to meet you, too! As well as having a very cool name (Malcom) you have a lot of skill with a yoyo! Keep it up, man!

If you made tutorials that would be amazing. I have been a sub to your channel and your tricks always leave me amazed.

Please do laceration/ picture trick tutorials!

I loved your laceration heart :smiley:

I’ve been subscribed as long as I can remember!


I <3 Duncan Crew!

Your video gave me Goosebumps

Very, very nice. Crazy whips and picture tricks.

You. Are. My. IDOL.