Wohohoo!!! LOOK AT THIS

This is not me. This is my friend Malcolm.

Malcom+Protostar+Blacklight+Lacerations=EPIC WIN SAUCE

I have already seen it numerous times, but I am still amazed every time. :smiley:

LOL! There has got to be like 4 threads with this in it, but its so good it deserves it. I wish I can get that good one day.

I love this video. Seriously.

how is he not the next yukki???

WAY too fast… whats the hurrY?

malcolm is so good. i love this video every time i see it i like it more.

i watch this numerous time but still awesome.
I wonder if he modify that protostar cause my dark magic cant do that, maybe it can but i just started playing yoyoz 2 months ago.

Your dark magic can do that, your throw is just not allowing it to yet