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Hello everyone, my name is Robert, I am currently in college and my team has been tasked to bring back the popularity of the yoyo. I am doing a questionnaire to help with this bring back of the yoyo. If you would answer the questions it would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time.

  1. Are you a collector or a professional yoyoer?
  2. What do you look for in a good yoyo?
  3. What are the favorite colors among yoyoers today?
  4. How old are you?
  5. What age did you get into collecting or doing tricks with yoyo’s?
  6. What is the favorite material among yoyoers today?

Hey! I’ll help you out.

  1. I’m a collector. Its my hobby. I don’t enjoy competing, but I enjoy making the best tricks I can.

  2. A good yoyo is really subjective. I think its really hard to actually find a bad yoyo these days. For competitors, they are looking for a V shape yoyo with a lot of weight focused on the rims to provide the most amount of spin time and control of the yoyo. The V shape also adds to the catch zone. The normal specs would be around 56mm diameter and around 44mm width with a 4.5mm gap width. For non competitors, anything goes and it really depends on personal preference on how you like a yoyo to feel. Most collectors enjoy the opposite of competitors… organic/butterfly shape with less rim weight and more centerweight. All yoyos except for fixed axles and transaxle yoyos use ball bearings. These come in different sizes, but the most widely used is the C size bearing becayse its the biggest and allows the most spin time. Bearings are also either flat which is not used in competition, as well as centering and grooved bearings, which are angled or have a groove in it to help keep the string centered and away from the sides. The most popular and common strinf type is polyester, but there are also some higher end nylon strings that last a lot longer and feel different than polyester. Also I should mention there are 5 main different styles of yoyoing in a competition but many others outside of competition. 1a is string tricks, which ive been mostly talking about. 2a is looping tricks with 2 hands/yoyos. 3a is string tricks with 2 yoyos. 4a is offstring… yoyoing with a yoyo not attached to the string. And 5a is yoyoing with a counterweight attached to the string instead of your finger.

  3. There are so many different colorways that this is tough. Again, this mostly comes down to personal preference. I think that as far as solid colors go, purple and blue are probably the most popular depending on how the anodizing comes out. Other than that, the unknown brand is a black color sometimes made on yoyos and they tend to sell out instantly.

  4. I am 22 years old. Theres a wide variety of ages in the yoyo community.

  5. I started 10 or 11 years ago, I can’t remember exactly. But it was in 6th grade. I actually have a youtube channel where you can see my growth. My earlier videos were very bad and now id like to think im a pretty good yoyoer. www.youtube.com/hobbygod

  6. Aluminum is the most common, with 6061 aluminum being the most common within aluminum. Theres also 7075 aluminum which is a little harder than 6061, and 7068 which behaves more like titanium in that you can push more weight out to the rims. Some yoyos are also made out of grade 5 titanium. These usually cost more. The metal yoyos are always hand machined to a high tolerance to insure that the halves are balanced to increase smoothness and playability. Beginner plastics are generally made from a plastic mold or injection to cut costs and mass produce yoyos. There are also POM or delrin yoyos, which is a type of plastic that some companies choose to machine like a metal yoyo. Wood is also popular for fixed axle play. On top of these there are also many other materials that people and companies are experimenting with such as brass, stainless steel, tungsten, etc, but these tend to be gimmicks for the most part.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

  1. I can’t call myself a professional, but I do compete semi-regularly. I collect a bit as well.
  2. Does it make me want to play yoyo more?
  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but I love any color combo that looks “regal”, such as the blue/gold Grasshopper GTX.
  4. 22
  5. 14
  6. I love delrin yoyos for both 1a and offstring, but for metal, I like anything that allows for a cool weight distribution. If it’s just 6061 aluminum, so be it. If a different grade truly allows for a different feel, so be it. I have a few really cool 7068 and 7075 yoyos, but it’s not necessary for a nice weight distribution. Lots of people like steel rimmed aluminum (bi-metal) yoyos nowadays.
  1. I wouldn’t call myself much of either, I like competitive yoyoing but I’m not very good at it, I do collect but not much. I enjoy making my own tricks and I would like to do more in competitions in the future
  2. Rim weight and stability
  3. Subjective, my fav is blue. Although there are some colors I haven’t tried that I think look awesome, like green and purple.
  4. 17
  5. 12
  6. Aluminum
  1. Collector
  2. A One Drop logo
  3. Clear
  4. 38
  5. 35
  6. 7068
  1. I a nether I do collet yoyos but I am not a collector I am a competitor but I am no pro
  2. a yoyo that is fun float yet stable not to something that can do tech combos easily and
  3. rose gold, green, and fade colors
  4. I am 14 and turning 15 soon
  5. I got into yo-yoing because I was jealous that my friend could do walk the dog and rock the baby after about a month int o the sport I quit. then 2 yeard later when I moved and kinda fell into a state of depression I pick up a yoyo and now a year and a half later im competing and enjoying yoyo to the fullest
  6. depends personal 7075 but many players like poly plastic delrin etc…

I love how you show that out-of-focus YYF Hectic for over 2 mins combined in that first video of yours! I got a good laugh out of that…

  1. Collector
  2. Max spin time and stability. Snappy binds. High quality fit and finish. Width < 46mm.
  3. My favorite colors are: red, aqua, gold, purple.
  4. 54
  5. 53
  6. My favorite material is probably 7075 Alu.
  1. I’m neither of those. Not a pro, but I don’t dedicate that much to collecting (It´s expensive).
  2. I look for quality in construction. Specs and feels vary a lot and many combination of those can be good.
  3. Rose gold, Teal, Fade colorways.
  4. 24 yo.
  5. I started at 21 yo.
  6. Bimaterial yoyos, fancy aluminum alloys (7075, 7068).

Edit: I think users here are answering with his preference in colors and materials. Those listed in my answers are the most popular today, but definitely not my favorite.


:joy: the reason was for some reason youtube deleted the audio part of that video so I just put music over the whole thing


Haha, so you were talking originally… Well it’s pretty funny now!


Thank you for that information, about colors and materials

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  1. Collector foremost. I only just started throwing a year ago so I’m still trash.
  2. Shape usually. And special releases.
  3. I love black throws but that’s just the goth in me.
  4. No idea lol

1: I compete.
2: Bi-metal, wide catch zone, large-ish diameter
3: Depends on the person, I prefer Fades and solids but other people hate fades and solids.
4: 14
6: 7068 Aluminum


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Hello everybody! Nice to join your community!

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