Heath's CRAZY low priced yoyo sale!!! CLYW, OD, and many more

ok guys and girls, here it is

As you all know, VsNYYC has been scarcely seen or heard from of late. the past few semesters of college, a full time general managing job, and yoyo making have taken their toll on me. here is the new proposal

I quit my job and am going to pursue VsNYYC as my full time job for my college career.

This will obviously mean more releases, colorways, fun, and frustration, but it will also require more capital.

As a means to push VsNYYC further, i am SEVERELY thinning out my collection to make AS MUCH CAPITAL AS POSSIBLE for prototyping, production runs, and travel expenses

with this said, i am NOT accepting trade offers. as a matter of fact, i will more than likely ignore them

My YYN feedback is well over 100. i have a new shipping process as well. with this said, i am not shipping first without payment. feel free to not offer if you feel this is unjust. :slight_smile:

please add 5$ for shipping. i will post this same thread on YYN as soon as i can get to a computer that lets me (some weird block on this one doesnt let)

a yoyo is not reserved for you until i have agreed to the offer and the payment transaction has cleared

without further wasting your time…here they are (condition is specified)


mint green 2 faces canvas (the flip face one) mint condition 90$


fade to jade 54 (yellow/blue fade) mint condition 55$

Dietz (blue w/clear splash. no worlds lasering. rather rare) mint condition 55$

other yoyos

Turning Point AX (blue) mint condition 155$

Yomerica Spindustries Red Hand Candy (hand marked by Aman) mint condition 45$

YYF WYYC 2010 red mini yoyo mint condition 15$

YYF purple Monster mint condition 55$

Modfather modded stepped FHZ mint condition 10$

and finally, what I am assuming that you came for

the VsNYYC stuff

VsNYYC Slimer Moon Walker

you know the deal with these :slight_smile: 1 of a kind (as all are) lowballs will be ignored

o.k. , these last ones are up for offers. i really dont want to sell these, but if the price is right i am willing to part with pieces of VsNYYCs history to see it advance into the future. any low ball offers on these will be completely ignored.

these first two are 1st run Sky Walkers painted by Brett Grimes. they are sister yoyos, and make the official “day and night Sky Walker set”. they are the only painted Sky Walkers that are officially part of VsNYYCs collectible history, and will only be sold as a pair. My name was painted into “night” half since it was never supposed to see the market. im asking for offers, but will more than likely not accept below 500$

and lastly, here is the hail mary pass. the long shot. the “why the heck would you do that!?”.

up for offers as a set only is the first prototype of EVERY VsNYYC ever made. this includes:

-the ONLY EVER original VsNYYC prototype yoyo
-the proto Sky Walker
-the proto Battosai
-the proto SADR
-Ti Walker #0
-the proto Septopus leg #2
-the proto Flying Hut
-the proto Moon Walker
-the proto D bearing Sky Walker
-the proto G3T

the case

i have put alot of thought into this, and if the price is right, i will let them go. dont expect them to go for anything close to a normal price, however. i doubt anyone will bite, but i would probably part with these in a custom made wooden VsNYYC yoyo case for 7500$. the owner of this set forever has the ultimate VsNYYC collection. to preserve its future, i am willing to pass that on. as mentioned earlier, i dont expect this to sell. im just putting it up in case someone would be interested.

thanks for the interest


thanks man. it means a lot

yea. VsNYYCs entire proto history thus far can be costly lol

prices are now CRAZY low :slight_smile:

bump, for the greatest yoyo company to ever be around


thanks man!