hazing newbies


I would like to see a new rule about “no hazing newbies”. It seams to me I’ve seen a lot of new people coming on YoYoExpert and making post that have already been made or asking newbie questions we have all answered a thousand times, but there are a some users here that respond to there posts sarcastically, mean, rude, or just make the new people feel lower then dirt for making the post. I feel thats NOT whats in the best interests of this forum or andre’s company. At least give them a month or at least a certain amount of posts to get to know them before you start flaming them. Flaming between friends or giving someone a hard time that we already know is mostly all in good fun. If you do it to someone you don’t know it is wrong!

I didn’t see.it in the rules with the no cussing and keeping the forums legible so I’m making this post here to bring awarness. To me it has already gotten out of hand with some users. I chime in and defend every once in a while but i have remind myself of one of the rules, I’m not a mod and stuff like this needs to be reported to a mod. Let them do their job. Sometimes it gets to me though. Maybe if we list it in the rules it will help keep it down.

Thank you for reading my rant.


I think what we need is a “primer for noobs” and make it mandatory reading.

Such as:
Don’t ask “what’s best”. EVER!
Please do some research before asking a question.
Don’t post identical threads, or a bunch of variations on the same thread.
Watch Andre’s videos, especially the beginner stuff.
Be patient. No need to bump threads in discussion areas. If people want to post, they will. Expect to wait a day for a reply.

It is getting tiring when you see 5 of the same “what is best off-string” threads posted in a week, and similar type of stuff.


True, but would they read it? Many sign on and dont read the forum rules as it is. Veterans (so to speak) on this site have and do read it. Even if we did have a thread for them like that and they didn’t read it and posted, does that still give some the right to haze (or flame) them for it. I don’t think thats a message we should be sending that’s all. Any hazing could be reported and a mod could delete or change the remark and put in blue “please refrain from negative remarks”. Just like they do for cussing.
Btw I’m not trying to negate your “primer” idea either. I like that one too. Would help noobs to protect themselves. Just saying they shouldn’t have too.


I saw the thread title under ‘Site Improvements’ sub-forum and thought you were going to propose some sort of hazing ceremony for newbies. Was ready to come over here and flame you but read the post and realised you were protecting them. Good man. Crisis avoided.




Someone who agrees with me!


There are ways in most forum programs to force someone to read something. There’s another forum I’m on that has you on the forum rules page for 10 or 15 minutes with a timer on it before you can leave that page and access the rest of the site. It would almost be harder to NOT read that then it is to just read it. And then those who break the basic rules get flamed by everyone lol.

I was on another forum (different from the one above) and we had a couple hate threads. It wouldn’t be appropriate for the family environment we try and keep here, but it was fun nonetheless to bash everyone and just let it all out.

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On a side note, anyone who likes this as an alternative, PM me.

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I was waiting for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic: I agree. There must be some way to ‘force’ new members to read these rules, or at least have it display on their screen, before they’re allowed to post anywhere.


Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Just because someone’s new doesn’t mean they can’t read (or god forbid search) the forums before starting a new thread to ask a question.


haha I’m new and I just realised I DID some of the stuff that yous were talking about, sorry haha


I think in this day and age people who can’t use forum search or common sense deserve to be hazed, scorned, and just belittled in general. If i see another thread about what’s the longest spinning, smoothest, or best yoyo i might actually cry.


I try to be. Thank you.

I like this idea too. It would help. But I’m still against flaming them right off the bat.

It’s ok. You and a 100 others this year alone have all done mistakes. Thats why i figured we could discuss ways of helping new people onto the forums to avoid getting hazed fron those mistakes. We need to keep it as friendly as an environment as we can, especially for new people so they will feel welcome here.


everybody must read.


I took a few days to think before posting on this one. I agree with you Ghost. For some, this is their first forum experience ever. They deserve a welcoming attitude from us. It’s easy to look down on people who are below your skill level, younger than you, not forum etiquette savvy, as if they are an easy target. Everyone here was new once.

Also, in my experience, a mere rephrasing of a question can prompt a substantively new answer from someone. When the question was asked before, maybe only 10 people replied, and the second time you could get 20 or 30. Each time you ask a question, it might reveal a new point of view. A lot of answers given on this forum are not factual answers, but opinions and perspectives. If a new person wants to hear multiple opinions and perspectives, I see nothing wrong with that. If they ask which yo-yo is better they are asking your perspective on it, and why you think that is the case. If you get tired of giving your perspective, stop clicking on the thread and let others answer instead. Maybe they did read an old thread on the subject, and wanted feedback from others who had not chimed in back then. There should not be a presumption that the new member did not perform a search of the subject matter before posting.

On multiple occasions I have seen a thread topic seemingly repeat, but due to a rephrasing of the question, or different people being logged in to answer the second time around, or third time, you learn something new from the answers.

I think kindness goes a long way, and also agree that it is not a good look for the store, if people are rude in the forum, to someone interested in this great hobby.


I agree a lot of people seem to harbor hate toward these ‘noobs’. I do get a bit annoyed by the constant “Which yoyo’s better” or the classic “My bearing became loud and is now responsive”. But I would much rather have those threads then less yoyoers.

I think what would help this problem is some kind of PM to newcomers that teach them the basics. Like the Search bar could go miles to help these people if they knew it was there or how it worked.

I’d be more then happy to help make some guide to help out for basics like image uploading.


What I dislike is when I see two new people posting identical threads(in some cases regarding the same models) one right after another at least from a “listing” point of view, but hours apart from a “date inserted” point of view.

I’m too old school, when we had to look up everything, research and then when all else fails, post. If we failed to, we got “e-clobbered” and we deserved it. Back then, data was expensive, you incurred costs for traffic. It got insane with ISP’s logging data through serial ports on routers.

I want more throwers, more activity and more interaction. At the same time, many people need to make a bit more of an effort. These days, we’ve proven there’s no motivation or incentive to make an effort.


if there was a “primer for noobs” I would read it. just saying