have you seen anyone doing this before?

You know horizontal eli hops and how you can move in a circle while doing them? I have been doing horizontal skin the gerbils, but instead of just standing there, turning to the left while performing 4 or 5 repetitions, ending in the same direction I started in. Have you seen or done this type of thing before?

Arrgh! What if I would be sued if it turned out someone else had invented this trick before me?! Would you cover my costs? Just think about that… >:(

Anyone have answers?

No… I don’t think Ive seen anyone do a horizontal skin the gerbil over and over while spinning in a circle.

My attorneys will be in contact with you.


Ok. My next question would be, does it look/sound dumb and will it score any points in a contest?

Well, if this is foolish, maybe it all is. It can be your signature trick.

That’s not a trick that know of. You’re trick to claim