have you guys...

ever seen the matrix? I barely saw it for my first time. everybody’s always talking about it.

Yes! Such an awesome movie.

The first one is good. The others get a little… Meh.

John Wick is also good. When I think of movies that push movie combat styles to new levels I think Matrix and John Wick. Not a huge Keanu fan but those are good movies in that regard.

What’s mind blowing about the matrix is that there is a very real chance that we are indeed in some sort of virtual reality. Particles act accordingly to how we measure them blah blah blah. Some smart junk like that.

They only exist when observed?

You’ll have to google it for a better explanation than I can give. Something like that. Like we know a particle is acting a certain way because we see the surroundings, then if you look directly at it the behavior changes. Man I dunno, just start down a Google black hole and you’ll have better answers.

Basically everything is made of really tiny stuff and if you zoom in and look at this stuff it does really weird things. Like existing in more than one place at the same time for example…

And dark matter… And you can also divide by half so everything is infinite… My head hurts.

The Matrix :o

Here is one serious philosophical argument that we could be living in a simulation. The basic idea is that, theoretically it could be possible to develop the kind of computing power needed to simulate our reality if we survive long enough. If there is any interest in doing so, then it would be possible to simulate way more human experiences than there are actual people. And if there are way more simulated humans than actual humans, then the probability that we are among the simulated ones is pretty high.

The Matrix was pretty enjoyable.

Can’t figure out how to paste this link using my phone. Google “science daily experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness”.

I’m going to check out that philosophy link fo sho.