have raw prepro septopus up for trade or sale taking offers

here is what i have to sell and trade

i have a raw prepro septopus for sale or trade
still smooth but could be smoother with some tuning
couple dings that are big and it is being polished before the customer gets it
im taking all kind of offers on this and will choose the best one
cash is king

bandit: mint and smooth
$ 85 OBO

supernova: mint with slight vibe

obsidian 54: some marks and womewhat smooot. not looking to get rid of it just trying to see what i get

superstar: scratches and anodization wear, pretty smooth and comes with 10 ball and yellow stacks
$ 60 OBO

i am looking for one or 2 protostars only want to if i get a good deal on them
dont want grey and realy want edgeglow and blue
let me know what you got

c3 yoyos
japanese yoyos
full sized throws
angular throws

raptor is gone

changed the thread uop with new throws