Have a yomega ooch smoov almost mint.

I have a ooch smoov Metal it is basicly mint I want to trade offer me any thing good like a dv888 or something.

reply or pm me!!!

I got a gun metal grey DV888, a YYF Speed Dial (like a metal velocity), and a YYF Hectic up for grabs. Interested? He DV888 is dinged but it plays great. The speed dial is almost mint, but I put the silicone o-rings in it instead of the starburst.

Lemme know!

well sense this yoyo is pretty rare saying the dont really make them any more and the fact it was alot when i bought it i want something good for it i woulld take the dv888 and hectic for it? if that sonds good i know it sounds like alot but itss basicly mint exept it has like the tinyest scrach in the worls no real dings and you said your dv888 has dings soo deal?