hat trick, gnarwhal, m1, custom superstar

for trade. dont offer me yyfs, yyjs, or duncans.






Please excuse my wealth of ignorance, but if you would be so kind as oblige my humble requests:

Could you please label your pictures so we know what it is. Some of us newer throwers with cash to spend(hint) may not know what is what, but may wish to make an offer on the right item so as to not offend the poster with an inaccurate request, and thus risk the possibility of bringing shame upon our avatar.

Could you please state the condition of each item in simple terms so we, as potential buyers or traders, may factor that in when we make an offer or trade.

Could you please list an asking price. This way, simpletons such as myself may avoid ridicule and humiliation by making either insane under-priced offers, and thus bringing down rage and hostility upon ourselves from sellers we’ve inadvertently angered through what must be insulting prices. Or, in this case, would sale even be an option you would consider? As you only mention trade, all I have I wish to trade is cash and I pay promptly by Paypal. However, if purchase is not an option, then I humbly rescind this portion of my requests.

I do not wish to anger the BST gods, who sometimes post their wares and then respond to modest requests with such statements such as “The world doesn’t revolve around you”.

Lastly, are all the yoyos out of focus, or am I supposed to become intoxicated in some manner in order to bring out the details of the yoyos photographed? I realize some people lack focus, and perhaps I am overly focused. I tried removing my glasses, but as I am nearsighted, it did not improve my situation. Might it be too much to ask for sharper pictures? I do not wish to offend. Just, from the standpoint of a potential buyer, I’m not interested in buying a fuzzy item. I would like to get a clear idea of exactly what I am making an offer on.

I thank you for entertaining my humble requests. I am just a trader with a current ranking of 3 and know not of all the finer elements of BST. However, if my peasant requests are out of line, I apologize for wasting your time and I will retreat to my simple abode post haste.


Omg, lol. That was great.

it looks like:
painted superstar
yyf worlds 2010 yoyo
Alchemy CU Later
pink and gold stacked m1

I do believe that’s right. what’s that thing with the weird rims? I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember where. I think it’s something that never got officially released due to some legal issues. if anyone wants to shine some light on the subject, t’would be appreciated.

That would be a YYF Replay.
And I think that “Dv888” is a Yoyofactory Protege.

you sir would be right. I have a protege and I didn’t even recognize it. :stuck_out_tongue:
and yeah! I thought it was some yyf yoyo. and it was similar to the muffin top by Russ Andert. (like identical, but plastic instead of metal)