Has anyone tried doing Hayabusa + Lateral Caps???

Has anyone tried fitting lateral caps on a hayabusa? If they fit, what size was used?

It fitted on my Duncan Raptor, the caps are size 2 by the way. So they should fit on the Hayabusa.

The hayabusa takes FHZ caps so does that mean size 2 caps are the same as FHZ caps?

Probably, maybe you’re right, either that or they’re just slightly larger or smaller

yep! They fit! FHZ size, I believe size 2. They’re kinda fun, but I just hate the Hayabusa haha

Waiting for the SkyHawk to release since they come with metal weight rings (that we were supposed to get released past year) fit on FHZ cap yoyos so technically you’ll be able to put lateral caps on that too…