has anyone ordered a ti-peak

hello all, i was just wondering if any one here has ordered the CLYW TI-PEAK. i’m 55 but i am finding i have the patience of a 7 year old. i ordered mine on saturday the 2nd, and i recieved a confirmation email at that time from CLYW stating they are a small operation and to please give them a week before wondering where the peak is. does anyone know? will there be another email for shipping confirmation or will it just arrive? thank you in advance for any info. paralyzed by impatience, overwhelmed by excitement, David

email Steve thelodge@clyw.ca

i want to really bad, but the email was specific about giving them a week. thank you, i think i will anyway.

I’m sorry, I misread. I thought you ordered it when it was released. No need to worry, Steve is a busy guy these days. Why they probably email the info about giving them a week. Up your patience level to a 10 year old, it’ll get there ;D

aaaaarrrrrrggggggg. thanks buddy. i know, but it’s a ti-peak!!!

yay, it’s tracking in Ohio.

haha yeah, when I ordered mine, I also waited exactly one week and then got the shipping info.

also, I love it. Threw the original Peak, a Peak 2, and finally the ti Peak side by side and man do they all play different but all fun in their own way.

I have not had the pleasure of throwing any peak yet. but i am so excited because it should be just a few days away.

That means It was JUST(handed to the post office) shipped! It appears they were shipped from Ohio - not Canada. Could possibly show tomorrow but I bet it lands Monday. Doesn’t matter it’s worth the wait…either way your getting an AWESOME yoyo!

yes, you are correct, it was handed in at the post office this morning in northern Ohio, i expect it to arrive monday. i am an old man, i have some really nice yoyos. however, i am beside myself waiting for this thing of beauty to arrive. i’ll be throwing my gems all weekend saying “your not titanium” and “your not titanium”.

So hopefully you won’t succumb before you’ve had time to enjoy it. :wink:

A thought on my mind everyday sir.

I’m guessing a number of us do… :slight_smile:


Yay. Titanium. Happy man.

So Nice! But what’s a “skilled” toy? :smiley:

Prepacked with tricks. I’m doing tricks I didn’t even know. Totally worth the price.

Nice! (I removed the first pic as it contained your personal info. :))

Thank you :blush:

The main picture when seeing this post from the unread threads tab still has your address. This is a random picture of one I found on the internet hoping it would replace that :wink: I don’t think it did though.