Haru's Vlog: Lunar Wind Test and Review!

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Hey guys!

Super excited to do this.
The super awesome Wilson (Aznboya) came to me and asked me to be a tester for Jekyll and Hyde’s new yoyo the Lunar Wind! I accepted the offer with grabby paws and decided to do a video review for funzies and laughs.

Had lot’s of fun doing this, and sowwwwy for messing the yoyo up hun, > . < you all will see in the video what happened. > . <

Anyways, enjoy!




I really enjoyed this actually. Some of your commentary was hilarious. I died when the string broke then you started ranting about it. Nice one. :smiley:


Lol with the string. Good review. Like the fact that you didn’t edit out every mishap.
Would you do a short tut/give a link to slacktrick you do, for instance at 7.12?


Very nice review. The commentary was funny and informative. Great job. Hope to see more reviews like this in the future.


Did anyone else notice the Gatorade spontaneously transmute into a bottle of brown liquid? And then turn into mayonnaise?


I haven’t watched the whole review yet, but yeah, its funny that the container of liquid keeps changing.


It changes like 6 times. I thought it was pretty funny actually. ;D


Wow, very nice, loved the commentary… Some very funny stuff there, you say sorry a lot xD yea… well.l Pretty good video review, which is really saying something for me, cuz i normally hate video reviews… And whats up with the changing liquids xD


Haru u look great! :slight_smile: i can tell uve been working out or something

(UmeNagisa) #10

Again, Not an issue :slight_smile:

Easily fixed with some polishing!

And Again Sorry about the string :confused:
Perhaps I can send another your way eventually!

Hopefully change your mind about Homebrew :slight_smile:


Just a weirdo he says…:stuck_out_tongue:
That was very entertaining Josh :slight_smile:


Good review, and pretty entertaining! Sounds like a fantastic yoyo.


Now this has got me wanting to use one…


Yo great review Josh! I like how you had fun and give your personal opinion on everything. I hope to see more reviews In the future man.


“They need to take a chill pill. They need to relax and drink a milk tea.”

-josh yee

(UmeNagisa) #16

“When People Quote Other People”

-Wilson Ni

xD Love that though <3


I can’t even tell you how hard I laughed when he said that…


You know a video review is good when you watch a 20 minute one twice, which I just did xD


I just kept starring at those changing bottles.